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Automotive Systems offers
specialized IT products
and support to dealerships.

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Automotive Systems is a division of Beherman-Demoen N.V., who has been active in car-distribution for more than 30 years. Since Beherman-Demoen has stopped this activity, it has started other projects and divisions. Beherman Group.

Automotive Systems is specialized in IT support for dealerships and has an experience of 20 years in car-distribution on both sides, the distributor and the dealer.

The support exists from installing and supporting the software program iReach, and installing and supporting hardware and other software.


iReach is a DMS system developed from scratch to incorporate a new filosophy which allows the user to control his business every minute of the day.

Things like SQL database, Transaction processing, End-user function security, Gain time, Easy usage, Microsoft Office integration, SMS integration, paper and Interface Entry Points where some of the objectives for this project.

At the moment the application is available in 3 languages for the end-user, English, Dutch and French. To the customer the number of languages is unlimited.

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In a traditional DMS system there exist the different modules like sales, warehouse, workshop, etc. But the accountancy is mostly a forced add-on if not total left out or by means of an external accountancy application.

In iReach is the accountancy fully integrated. Every movement that occurs in whatever company, whatever site, whatever department or whatever product which has an impact on your result is automatically registered.


The CRM helps you to follow-up the customers and prospects by means of tasks.

Every contact (offer, order, invoice, email, sms, testdrive, fax, letter, …) that you have with your customer is stored in the customers contacthistory and allows you to plan new tasks.

These tasks can be linked with an integrated agenda which you can synchronise with your PDA. Every agenda in the organization is available for inquiry. Of course the agenda can be protected for read / write operations and appointments can be marked as private.


Everything starts with a sale.That is why it is very important that you can present a professional offer to your customer. This offer gives your customer an impression of the quality of your organization. iReach uses Microsoft Word to generate your offers, so you make them as professional as you want.

Once the offer is changed into an order, iReach verifies your stock for availability.

If there is a trade-in, it is immediately available to make sales offers, so you can sell this car before you have bought it !

The salesadministration can follow-up additional bonus or discounts to receive from the supplier in case of commercial actions.


A DMS system without good warehouse management is not a good DMS.

In iReach, a Partshandling function makes sure that your stock is always correct and allows you to perform a permanent inventory.

Of course today is an automatic tax management and caution management an asset.

By means of a parts order proposition function, iReach will propose to order parts to keep your stock on the level you have defined.

In a few clicks you will have access to your order situation, your BO situation, parts reserved in stock, ordered reserved parts, …


To run a workshop you need to make a good planning. iReach has an integrated planning where you can reserve resources for an appointment. These resources can be people, a replacement car, an office, a tool, … So, everybody who has access to this planning can see what is available.

When you create an appointment you can use a Menu Pricing software (if available) to request the time and parts necessary to perform the work and ask the planning when this work can be done. So iReach will search for you ! Of course the parts and operations selected in the Menu Pricing software will be added on your appointment.

Most of the customers make an appointment by telephone, would you not like to confirm the appointment by SMS or email ? With iReach … it is just a click.

Also the creation of the job from this appointment is done … by a simple mouse click. On the jobcard barcodes are printed to allow timeregistration.

The workshop module contains a lot of valuable information. iReach uses this information to inform you about the price per kilometer of a car, the number of workshop entries, labour in circulation, …


We consider the accountancy module as the most powerful of the application.

This module contains all standard features like financial movements, manual movements, VAT declaration, customer ands supplier balance, …

But most important, with iReach you will gain at lot of time because about 80 of the movements (general and analytic) are generated automatically.

Because this module is watching over all the other modules, iReach delivers a report that informs you about the result for each department linked with budgets which you can prepare in Microsoft Excel. No external accountant is required, no accountancy expertise is required !

If you look at your organization today, we are sure that :

  • 1. or you do not have a report that indicates the result by department
  • 2. or you know what effort it takes to have such a report.

On top of that you can build your own reports that export to Microsoft Excel.


Automotive Systems installs and supports hardware. Hardware is very important in your organization if not the most important. What is the cost if one of your PC´s or server(s) breaks down …

That is why Automotive Systems only selects professional hardware with 3 years hardware replacement within the next business day.

We can also propose a supportcontract for the hardware which covers all the interventions required to keep your hardware on-line.

If the customer has no supportcontract than he can request support on demand.


Automotive Systems organises training on a regular bases. In our fully equipped training center, customers become acquainted with our product.

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